All My Friends Are Dead
Because I ate them all. And they were delicious. You are next.
hubris. hubris. hubris. hubris.

Nowhever With You

Do you have any idea how much placeholder text. And I don't just mean when I get to placeholder text with you. Will I ever get to tell you how I placeholde text?

It's strange, like I'm living in a placeholder text forever, condemned to a limbo of placeholder text.

But I don't mind it

1. put you in my suitcase
2. just to leave me yelling
3. picturing your room

It's Not Fair

1. How can I face you
2. Sorry I blame you
3. Sleeping off the pills
4. scared
5. scared 2

But I don't mind it

1. who am i kidding
2. let alone them asking
3. how'd i lose her?