teppy's layouts & tips

Last Updated 2024-05-15

please feel free to edit these in any way you want!!!!

i just want you to be inspired to make things!!!

01. my instincts tell me life shouldn't be so horrible

02. manga page

03. windows terminal

04. essay on paper


no iframes here. flat template

06. aha ahaha

07. corner yourself until it's the only option you have

09. never suitable

little profile section where you can replace it with your own cool mspaint drawing of yourself

10. picnic daydream (it is raining)

orizinal art. the windows open and close if you drag them

11. Afraid??

orizinal art. no iframes, there is a "top" page for the menu and main content page

12. fluff

no iframe. the "next" and "prev" links should work like this: current post is always named "index.html", and past posts are 5.html, 4.html, 3.html, etc. when you make a new post you name the current index.html "6.html" and then make 5's "next" link to 6, and then made the new post index.html "prev" link to 6. That way you have a chain of posts.


same idea as previous post


15. promise of a rose garden (it will rain)

16. my mom trapped me in the basement bathroom and all I have is my bootleg gameboy

17. collect dust